Foundation Trust


The Trust was born out of a need to have extra funding available for Pohlen Hospital, over and above its Operational Budget, specifically to provide for the upgrade of facilities and assist with the replacement of medical equipment.

Thus the aims of Pohlen Foundation Trust are:
  • Providing financial assistance for new capital equipment, improving facilities, and amenities around the hospital as and when the need arises.
  • Supporting the Hospital Trust Board’s mission to provide quality healthcare and wellness services for the wider Matamata community.
Pohlen Foundation Trust is independent of the Pohlen Hospital Trust Board; however the two work closely together. All projects for which funds are raised are approved by the Hospital Board first.  Click here to see the latest news.
The Foundation trustees are all members of the local Matamata community. The Foundation Administrator works out of the Hospital premises. Click here to see Trustee profiles.
The Trustees serving on The Pohlen Foundation Trust set manageable goals and work hard to achieve these. Funds raised by the Foundation are never used to support the Hospital operating budget.
We are fortunate to be part of a wider community which offers a high level of support for, and participation in, events staged to raise funds for individual projects. The Foundation endeavours to be innovative and creative in the manner in which it chooses to do this.
Funds raised come directly from
  • Foundation events within our local community
  • Philanthropic grants
  • Donations
  • Bequests
  • Bank interest 
The greater part of funds raised throughout the year in general come from Philanthropic Trusts; however our local events are very important and provide the basis for our community relationships. These include businesses, community service groups, and individuals. We continually strive to strengthen these relationships.
Pohlen hospital is held in high regard by our local community, and is nationally recognised for the range of services it provides to the wider community:
For the Hospital’s size the service and support it provides to our community is second to none. Here at the Foundation we do take ownership for ensuring the wider community has the best health care possible and  keeping healthcare on our doorstep. 
Our thanks to Matamata Chronicle for supplying media photos on the website.

The Pohlen Foundation Trust

PO Box 239 Matamata 3400

07 881 9100 ext. 834

Charities Services Number: CC10380