Respite Care and General Medical

Respite Care

These beds are for the short term care of those clients who are cared for in the community by a full-time carer.  Respite care is alloacted a number of days per year - usually 28.  If you require more advice please see your GP.

GP Beds

GP Beds are primary care inpatient services for an acute episode of illness for people that cannot be managed at home. Expected maximum length of stay is 7 days. The service is available for patients of all ages, although because children's conditions can deteriorate rapidly it is unlikely that they would be referred to this service. GP Bed patients use the new 4 bedded observation ward in the south end of the building which is situated next to the General Practice.

Convalescent Care

This is a similar service to that of Transitional Care, however it does not have the same age criteria and is funded from a different source at the District Health Board. Referral is directly from the medical wards at Waikato Hospital and a Waikato Hospital order number needs to be provided before we can accept the referral.

Private Care

Pohlen Hospital can provide private hospital care for those who do not meet the necessary DSL criteria for funded beds or who wish to extend a stay after the funder's of their service have deemed them well enough to be discharged. Please talk to us about your needs.