Projects At Pohlen

Pohlen Foundation Trust works alongside Pohlen Hospital Trust Board to provide for the upgrade of facilities and assist with the replacement of medical equipment at Pohlen Hospital. We also support Pohlen’s award winning Outdoor Exercise and Rehabilitation Facility and associated programme.  
There are always projects on the go; some big, some small. We are always delighted when individuals, families, or businesses say to us “This is what we can do for Pohlen”. 

New Wing Project at Pohlen Hospital 

This  has been our main project for the last five years. It is a series of sub-projects with the end result being the construction of a new wing with a focus on End of Life Care. It will have six suites and family friendly facilities so more patients and their families can be cared for and supported here in Matamata during the end of life process. 

For a brief overview of this project please click here to read our brochure. 


We wish to thank all donors who have contributed to the New Wing Project. Every donation brings us that little bit closer to its completion. If you wish to donate now towards this project please click on the DONATE button on the Home Page.

Stage 1 - Infrastructure development - COMPLETED
The hot water system and electrical circuitry was upgraded throughout the Hospital to cater for future growth. The hospital was rewired and we now have hot water from one end of the hospital to the other.

Stage 2A Maternity Unit Upgrade and Refurbishment – COMPLETED
The Maternity Unit has undergone a major floor plan rework to enable the best possible use of space available, and likewise has undergone a complete refurbishment.

Stage 2B Extension of Patient Lounge and Refurbishment - COMPLETED
This work saw the Client Lounge almost doubled in size, which now provides a quiet area for our Clients to watch television, plus providing space for the supervision of diversional therapy activities which ensures our Clients are busy and socialising.

Stage 3 – Hospital Kitchen and Staffroom Upgrade - COMPLETED
The kitchen and staffroom upgrade was completed in July 2014.  

Stage 4 – Construction of New Wing – FUNDRAISING IN PROGRESS:

We are now concentrating on the funds required for the capital works of the new wing and aim to have the fundraising completed by the end of 2015 so the build can start during the coming summer.